VIXX Milan / Paris - September 2016!

Two amazing shows for the most international K-Pop Tour ever done in Europe, with fans (Starlights) attending from 46 different nationalities. Fans followed up the show with hundreds of message of appreciation for K-Pop Agency production that enanced the superb performance of the artists, once again, absolutely flawless.

B.A.P Live on Earth 2016 Milan Awake! 7May

K-Pop Agency organised and financed the largest production for a K-Pop Concert in continental Europe unitl 2017 as opening show for the European part of the biggest word tour for a K-Pop Group.

2015 Sept. - Topp Dogg in Europe

 Milan, London and Paris 

2015 August - VIXX in USA

First Showcase in Orlando, Florida 

Big Shows Production and Artist Management

K-Pop Agency is now focus on full-service tour production and management.